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Ash on the train

I'm on a LazyTown kick. XP

Posted by numb3r_5ev3n on 2007.02.04 at 01:59
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TITLE: The DUEL Debacle.

GENRE CROSSOVER: Moorcock's Multiverse/LazyTown

DISCLAIMER: Lazytowners belong to Magnus Scheving. Michael Moorcock's characters may or may not appear to him and tell him their stories via Miss Una Persson and Colonel Oswald Bastable, as he has sometimes claimed. However, these characters can be said belong to him in strictly legal terms. ;) (Or is it the other way around...)

SPOILERS: Lazytown: everything up to the end of Season II. Moorcock: Everything up to the end of The White Wolf's Son.

SYNOPSIS: A tale about growing up in this often scary modern world, inspired by Apoptygma Berzerk's song Nonstop Violence. (Lyrics here.)


The íþróttaálfurinn #10, more commonly known to his friends as Sportacus, would never forget the day that Miss Brunner turned against the League and went rogue.

He and Colonel Oswald Bastable had been asked to scout out the defenses of a fortress that was reputed to be a staging ground for the dastardly Klosterheim and his corrupt confederate Prince Gaynor von Minct, neither of whom had been seen since their defeat at the hands of Monsieur Zodiac, Oona Von Bek, and certain other members of the League. Sportacus himself had not participated in that particular adventure, though Oswald had been along for a great deal of it.

Aside from his sidearm, Oswald was equipped with a military-issue titanium-reinforced laptop (a late-mark Ono-Sendai) with a wireless NIC and all of the latest cracking software, which he was using to penetrate the fortresses' online defenses as the two of them crouched behind a section of the fortress's massive outer barricade. Their mission: to obtain any information regarding the fortress's defenses, and the purpose for its existence.

As usual, Sportacus was armed with nothing but his wits his physical fortitude, and a bevy of sports equipment - and thus far, none one of these assets had ever failed him. He'd never needed anything else.

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Ash on the train

Writing Excercise. (A work in progress. >_>)

Posted by numb3r_5ev3n on 2006.10.20 at 16:55
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I'm sort of experimenting with the writing style that Michael Moorcock used in The Cornelius Quintet and The Cornelius Chronicles. The characters are, of course, from the Matrix, (Seven being emplyed as an OC here) the Harry Potter series, and the Moorcock sagas that are mentioned above, as well as A Nomad Of The Time Streams.

The "IM IN UR..." mental "flashes" are inspired by all of the permutations of this pic that I have seen cycling around the internets lately.

Seven awoke to find herself on Smith's couch, underneath the white down comforter that she'd dozed off beneath the night before. Smith was gone; there was no telling when he'd be back. Seven had elected to watch the apartment for him during his absence.

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